Gem County has a long tradition and history of providing fruits and vegetables for much of the rest of southwestern Idaho, and still has some large produce operations in the area.

Like most of the rest of the Treasure Valley, pricing increases push up average and median sales prices in Gem County in 2005, 2006, and into 2007, but prices have been declining since, going into 2011.  However, the fluctuations have not been as great in Gem County as they have been in the rest of the Treasure Valley.  The highs were not as high, and the lows are not as low.  Furthermore, the downward pricing trends appear to be slowing.  Perhaps we're seeing the beginning of stabilization?

Emmett is becoming more and more a bedroom community for the Boise area.  Emmett is home to the Emmett Cherry Festival each spring.

Metro Appraisals covers Gem County on a per-quote basis.

 Map of Idaho highlighting Gem County

Gem County includes the following towns/cities: